As a loyal BoA customer for over a decade, I've never had a late payment. Then I lost my job and, amidst incredible stress, didn't notice that my BoA credit card was getting charged $7.95 per month for Netflix. I failed to pay the credit card for 2 months – $16 in total. It's my fault, I admit it. But BoA reported this to credit agencies some 2 years later. My credit score went down by nearly 100 points, and I was in serious danger of failing to qualify for a house loan (otherwise perfect credit). I spent close to 20 hours with various BoA representatives to no avail. I obtained legal advice, and I'm aware that BoA could have forgiven my $16 mistake, in lieu of being a loyal perfect long-time customer, but they chose not to. So BoA cost me thousands of dollars because of a simple mistake.

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