Bank Of America Wire Transfer
Did a wire transfer on Bank Of America's (BOA) website for a closing on our home, we picked next day for a $10.00 instead of $30.00 for same day because it was Wednesday and we weren't closing on home until Monday, but builder and Chase Bank representative called us saying funds weren't there next day, we called BOA and first person on phone could not speak correct English and we couldn't understand her either finally she transferred us to another department which was fraud which was not the correct department and they had to transfer us again to another useless department that claimed that's it would post by midnight. So next day our builder's and Chase Bank representative called us again to say BOA send our money ACH! WHAT the heck is ACH we asked turns out if you do a transfer next day it becomes an ACH NOT a wire transfer! Nowhere on BOA website does it notify you of this it only states "Wire Transfer" so you think you're doing a wire transfer! So we went into BOA in Niceville Florida and the representative took over an hour with no answers or help then an assistant manager took over and was on phone with someone in another department with BOA and couldn't help us then a manager came and proceeded to get rude with us and try and make it sound like we did something wrong by picking next day instead of someday transfer when I confronted her that BOA made the mistake because NO WHERE on their website does it tell you that you are not doing a wire transfer if you pick next day and NO WHERE on their website does it tell you they are sending your transfer of funds as an ACH and NO WHERE on the email BOA sent confirming the funds transfer does it notify you they changed your transfer to an ACH! An ACH we were finally told 2 days later can be withdrawn within 5 business or so days and the builder has had people pull their funds back after closing with ACH and refuses to take funds using ACH because of past issues. Then to make things worst that Bank Of America Manager asked us to leave the bank lobby! We have been a member of BOA since June 3,1993!!!

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