Dear Sir or Madam,

I am highly upset and terrified about what I had to go through today at one of your financial centers. I was attacked just after entering your bank and nobody cared. Even though one of your security agents was standing right next to me.

I am an MBA student at the California State University and I came from Germany to the US just two months ago. So far, I was actually very happy with the Bank of America. But I am not anymore. I am so frightened.

After today's classes, I went to the Bank of America with the address "Financial Center & ATM, Oakland Chinatown, 388 9th St, Oakland, CA 94607". It was between 1:15 pm and 1:26 pm when I entered the bank. I opened the door and I wanted to make a withdrawal at the ATM machine which is just directly placed on the right side after entering. As there was one customer standing in front of the machine, I queued the very next moment, I felt a strong and painful blow. Everything went really quickly and I was so shocked that I first couldn't realize what was going on. A large object hit me right below my head on my upper body and I felt a stabbing pain in my left arm. Not only did this large object flew through the air and hit me, but there was an umbrella flying with the object. Then there was a highly aggressive man passing me and leaving the bank.

This man was obviously in a very bad mood. When he was about to leave the bank, he kicked at this bin (the large object) with the umbrella in it. The large bin/container was placed like 3 meters away from the entrance door. And as it was raining today, it was placed there for customers to put their wet umbrellas in. The unfriendly man was shouting and being so aggressive he lost control over himself. He kicked at the bin so powerfully that it became a dangerous flying object. My arm hurt so much that I had to the meantime, the incident is about 4.5 hours ago and my arm still hurts.

What I cannot understand is how can your personnel tolerate the behavior of customers like this aggressive man who attacked me? I was standing right next to the entrance door and at every door of your financial centers, you have a security agent. This security agent did not care at all. And the service lady which stood like 4 meters away from me did not seem to care, too. Everybody just let the aggressive customer go and pretended that nothing happened.

Until today, I always felt safe at your bank. I thought the security agent would step in and help if there is a dangerous situation as the one I experienced today. Obviously, I had a totally wrong and way much too positive image of your security agents and personnel.

I guess what I experienced is not daily happening. However, I have to inform you about this incident and I hope I will never ever experience that again.

You have a lot of cameras in your bank. I named the location and time above, so you can watch this incident on your video recordings.


Kira Rambow-Hoeschele

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