I am filing a formal complaint about the aggressively negligent customer service care provided by Bank of America with regard to my Credit Card. I have had this card for a few years and recently decided to take it rather than cash on a trip, thinking it would be more convenient to access and track my expenses. The failure was both in execution of a mere 1-800 access number which directs one only in Spanish, although it is called Bank of America for a reason, to all of its customers after hours, misrepresented when finally reached an actual English speaking representative by being promised a resolution with 24 hours, and a credit department holding my credit capability, capitalizing on their own opportunity to increase their own revenue at the expense of the consumer when I made two full payment in the same month! One paying off a small balance in full in a timely manner at the beginning of this month. And the second in advance of any future expenses I might anticipate ensuring I was fully covered within any limits.

It is now day three of my trip, and I have had no access to my credit, being denied, and embarrassingly turned away from purchases with ample funds being made available to them because Bank of America placed a "Hold" on my PAYMENT to them, because it was unusually large amount for me to pay in one month compared to previous months. So they froze my whole account???

I can't even access the funds from my own bank (Florence Savings… A wonderful small institution) because Bank of America happily accepted my advanced payment, but won't allow me to access because the charges would not benefit them. The fourth and final call to them this evening, yes, again, in Spanish. I finally reached two different departments than previously conversed with only to now be questioned as to whom at their own institution would tell me it would only be a 24-hour hold to verify when it could take up to 10-12 days!!! Outrageous business practices, accompanied by condescending CS reps whom patronize their customer’s intelligence and ability to think in a logic manner. Don't walk, RUN from this bank!

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