I had a bill payment set up to come out of my account. It had to be paid 2 days prior to direct deposit. I called Bank of America and spoke w / an associate over the phone whom said "rest assure we will pay that payment for you but you will get a 35 NSF fee." Ok I agreed. The payment was not only declined but I was charged 2 NSF fees and a charge through the institution. I was very honest and told the lady funds would not be there for 2 days. She said "that's fine, we pay for the transaction and then you get a few." That is not true at all. On top of that, the supervisor said they could not waive fees. It was my fault – apparently they don't always notate accounts when talking w / customer. I find that very hard to believe. Know your facts when you are discussing finance needs w / your customers. That's our livelihood you are rolling the dice with.

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