I have been with BOFA since 2004. I only use the account when they have the low percentage for cash. On August 28 or 29 I called for my usual, would be 7000.00 for 3.99% for 12 payments. While on the phone the male representative which I am sure they know who it was, told me he could get me approved to cover 10000 plus the 90 dollar fee because I specifically had told him I wanted to make sure I would not be over. I have worked hard to get my credit score. He never mentioned that I would have an interest fee two weeks after receiving the transfer of funds. He did say that my first payment would be due on Oct 15,2015.

On the 30th of August my bank received the transfer of ten grand. Unbeknownst to me on Sept. 16th B of A placed a derogatory on my credit file, of being overdrawn on my credit card by ten dollars. Now my other bank Wells Fargo whom I have been with for years, closed my credit card, even though my credit score is 752 to 778 depending on which one of the three you check. I called B of A, and if my representative had told me my first payment would be in two weeks. Lesson learned.

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