I tried to open a personal checking account today. I've owned my home for the last 2 years but something in their records prevents me from opening an account. I have a large Merrill Edge account with this same company yet they will not open a checking account for me. I do not have a local BA branch in my city and can only open an account online. I have no interest in BA but am trying to do this to have a checking account where I can transfer money to my daughter who lives in another state. Imagine! They have a ton of my personal info at my Merrill Edge account. I have no outstanding loans but plenty of money. This company will not do business with me and I find this a serious insult.

I've never had problems opening a checking account EVER in my life! I am a certified financial planner, have own several of my own NASD broker dealer companies and if I ever did this to one of my own client's they would have reamed me really well. Whenever we have a banking run in the US, this will be the first company to go down and take all of your hard earned money with it. What a terrible operation. It makes me really mad. There is no excuse for BA to remain in business with any kind of good standing.

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