I was notified by the California Employment Development Department that a debit card would be issued to me by Bank of America for the purpose of paying my disability benefits. I received notice from EDD on 30th October that my debit card was mailed and I would receive same within 5 days. When I contacted EDD per their written request to notify them if the card wasn't received within five days to inform them that the card hadn't been received as of today's date I was advised to call BoA customer service, which I did. I was informed by the representative that I spoke with that since I had been issued a BoA debit card (Dec. 2010-Jan 2011) that had no activity on the account, that the account for that debit card had been closed and BoA was waiting for me to contact them to establish a new account number for the payment of my disability benefits.

I inquired why if that was the case, why hadn't BoA contacted me to notify me that BoA was holding my disability benefits, the representative had no explanation. I was informed by the representative that I would now receive my debit card within 7 to 10 working days, but if I wanted to receive it within 3 working days I could pay $10.00 for "express" mail. I chose to pay the fee. Bank of America essentially sat on my funds w/o notice. And there's no notice at the EDD website or the BoA EDD card website that informs claimants that they must contact BoA to establish their account before payments will be issued. I believe that any personal recourse may be limited, but I will speak with someone that knows more about these situations than I do.

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