Some lady crashed into me with her car 2 weeks ago, and I couldn't work except for 3-6 hours the second week to try it out. And since then I have been pushing myself to work more hours. I had $88 leftover from after paying bills (I saved my $150 in my account from before the accident) so I thought I had $88. It said it processed, only I find out that it really didn't… And I already bought myself a $10 meal and then the next day when I check my bank looking for money because it's pay day and I still owe $75 for my phone bill, but out of the $111 I earned, they charged me $65 for overdraft for one day! I called right away to ask for it back because that left me with $66 minus the $25 that I have to leave in my stupid bank…

I thought I had it all planned out and just because I stupidly went $10 over they charged me $65. And it turned out that one of my bills was still processing. My bad, but I called to explain my current situation. (I'll be without money for 2 weeks until my bi weekly pay. This week I got paid a little because I couldn't work due to some lady who is paying me back within 2-3months.) But they wouldn't help me out… They told me I could still pay my bill and they would overcharge my bank plus charge how many days I'm without money in my account which for me would be 2 weeks.

I'm leaving Bank of America. They charge for ridiculous things all the time and I understand an overcharge, but my situation, I thought, was different. But nope. We all suffer and the Bank of America makes sure we suffer a little extra. I'm sharing pics, I found out that someone has been charging my account on top of all that which is why my account has been drained faster. Plus since my account keeps track of how much I have left after/before a purchase it doesn't have the $88 that I saw earlier, especially after I got paid last night.

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