My parents purchased a long-term care policy from this company years ago and automatically deducted premiums for that entire time. My mother, suffers from dementia and Parkinsons and was placed in a long-term care facility. We filed a claim with Bankers Life and I sent them a stack of documentation from the facility and her doctors, they than said they needed "more documentation" from the facility and her doctors. It took over 60 days for them to finally certify and send a check.

Once we had that taken care of, we were told to send the monthly invoices we received from the facility (after they were paid, of course) to Bankers Life claims department and they would reimburse us. We did, and we have received nothing but stall tactics, headaches and frustration. This company will try ANY trick in the book to deny the monthly claim. I have begun documenting EVERY representative that I speak with and my mothers long term care facility has as well.

My experience has been nothing but frustrating and full of headaches. Today the representative told me that they STILL need more information and I was happy to be calling from home and not my desk at work because I let loose and after almost 10 minutes on hold and me providing the date, time, and name of the person the nurse spoke with and the last check magically went out yesterday. I told her…"I'm in Wisconsin and you're in Indiana and if that check isn't here in 5 business days I will be calling again!"

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