owner is Mr. Kelly Ellis.

Mr. Kelly Ellis runs IT server from his home in MO, off a DataCenter called Multacom in Los Angles, CA.

Mr. Kelly Ellis calls his IT Service "Innovative Data Search" which is located in MO.

However, Mr. Kelly Ellis has set up his "Innovative Data Search" through an "Agent" in Delaware to register his LLC. Mr. Kelly Ellis did not register his business in MO, which MO is on Mr. Kelly Ellis company IRS and EIN paperwork.

To top it off: Mr. Kelly Ellis stated his 3rd party money collector is in FL. Although Mr. Kelly Ellis has the FL phone number directly on his IRS paperwork listed with Innovative Data Search.

Mr. Kelly Ellis is located at (on his IRS filing company paperwork)
12202 Old 66th Blvd.
Carthage, MO 64836

If Mr. Kelly Ellis can post the name and address of millions of Americans. We can post his.

You can file IRS form 3949-A with the above information to have Mr. Kelly Ellis investigate. IRS works with FBI on frauds. You don't have to put your name on the paperwork.

Also, file complaints.

Also, contact the Attorney General in MO.

Also, sent to Federal Trade Commission (on-line complaint form)

Also, send to State of DE Consumer Attorney

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