On 10/15 I ordered 2 books (1 from an outside seller, 1 from B&N, both in stock per website). The outside book arrived, the B&N still hasn't. Called 11/5, was told tracking couldn't be accessed, then she changed her story & said I already got it 10/26. Similar titles, clearly different books from different places, and she couldn't differentiate! A supervisor then said it would be delivered 11/6 but she couldn't access tracking. Called back 11/6, no book. This clerk also couldn't tell titles apart.

On 11/7 was told it had NEVER shipped. She didn't know why I was told it had. It was in stock and after I made a fuss, was told by the clerk & supervisor that it would ship expedited (1-2 days) free of charge, and a 20% discount would be credited to my gift card (neither has occurred). On 11/12 was told it had shipped but again, they can't provide tracking due to computer update running. On 11/15 the website said, "Delivery 11/15"; on 11/16 it said, "Delivery 11/19." Now it's 11/20 and still no book or credit to my gift card. I've spent over 2 hours talking to 7 Customer Service idiots on 4 different dates. Have never gotten a status e-mail from B&N, only from the outside seller. Called Corporate office today and left message for somebody supposedly on the executive level who's not in today. Will never buy from B&N online again. Pathetic first experience, though I've purchased in-store many times and bought over a dozen gift cards.

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