Ordered 2 books with similar titles 10/15,1 from B & N, 1 from outside seller; both i stock. The outside book arrived 10/26, still waiting for B & N order. Every time I call cust. Service I get told a different story & shipping date. On 11/5 the clerk couldn't tell the difference between the two titles or different vendors & kept saying I already got the book. On 11/7 complained loudly to a supervisor and was told it would be sent expedited (1-2 days) at no charge AND she'd credit my gift card 20% of purchase price; today is 11/20, no book and no credit, and still no tracking info on the website. HELP! I've spent over 2 hours on the phone on 4 days arguing with incompetents who can't read titles and who lie through their teeth to get you off the phone. Long-time in-store customer (no more), first and last-time at B & N.com.

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