I had two incidents at the Colorado Springs Bass Pro Shops (bps). I first attempted to purchase a Thompson Contender black powder rifle, and the sales representative in the department was incredibly rude, as though I was bothering him. He told me he no more in stock, and would have a rifle shipped from one of the other stores. I asked him if he required a credit card, and he said, "no, " and that he would call me as soon as the rifle was in the store. No calls from bps, just a lot of run around. Three weeks later I purchased the gun at West End Gun Shop, and saved $200 dollars.

Second incident, I attempted to purchase a Beavertail Stealth 2000 boat, and the exact same thing happened. These guys had no idea they even sold the boat. What was worse is the boating department stated it was a hunting item, and hunting pushed me off to boating. No one took my credit card, they told me they would get the boat from another bps first. After two weeks of being told that it would be in the store mid week, then it would be on the next truck, and then they couldn't get the boat on the truck until I ordered it. My God, they now wanted my credit card, and my trust that they knew what they were doing. Last, i cant tell you how many times I've shopped in this store, and the sales people stand around talking to each other while customers ate waiting to be helped. I just placed order with Cabela's.

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