"On 08.01.2017 I ordered a Battery for Samsung GT-P8110, GTP8110-HA32ARB, SP3496A8H, Samsung SP3496A8H(1S2P) for $52.69 + $3.99 shipping cost, Grand Total $56.68. Battery bay HK deducted $77.52 from my account 11.01.2017. I filled out the online form for a tracking code 4 times, contacted [email protected] twice and their customer service department once to get a tracking code and to query the extra cost. I received no response from batterybay however did receive a bogus email from a Patricia, supposedly from Australia Post, with tracking code information on a package that was unable to be delivered. I clicked on the information button and received a severe Trojan virus. I have initiated a transaction dispute with my bank and have had to replace my master card. Unfortunately when I did a quick review check, good reviews outweighed negative ones; I only wish I'd done a better check. I would NEVER recommend anyone buy from battery bay, and whenever the opportunity arises I will be voicing my disdain for their appalling service and rip off tactics.

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