On 15 December 2015 I bought a minibus taxi from baw durban and on may 2016 it was involved in accident, i logde a claim to baw durban spoke to miss winnie mkhize and they gave me a list of panel beaters to choose from then i choose taya panel beaters in clairwood durban, i went to panel beaters they did the qautation, and my claim was approved and my salesman mr eric told me if my car remains with panel beaters for 7days or more the insurance will pay for that particular months instalment so my car went to panel beaters on 19 07 2016 to 28 07 2016 I then submit a job card to Durban baw spoke to miss winnie mkhize and she e-mail the job card to khosi, on january 2017 khosi phoned me telling me i need to sign an addendum so that the insurance will pay so i went to durban baw on 23 january spoke to miss winnie mkhize whom she gave me the addendum and i sign it she than e-mailled it back to khosi, and before the end of january 2017 khosi phoned me again telling me my addendum was not approved as they can see thru tracker system that the vehicle was running during the time claimed to be with panel beaters, so my vehicle is in repossession list, and on 12 of april my minibus was repossessed and i went to baw durban spoke to sindi and she spoke to victor masewawantla @ springs, and they said i need to sign second addendum which i did and it was approved but also told to pay R33000.00 for storage recovery fees etc etc in order to get my car back, i told them i only had R22000.00 which they refuse, and sindi came to a point where she said she cant help me anymore i rather seek legal advise, i try to get someone whom was communicating with mr victor and they gave us account statement which was clear that i didnt have any arrears in my account after that mr victor phoned me telling me they have two options for me the first will be for me to pay R22000.00 and get my vehicle back or they will give me my car back and work on repossession papers and repossessed again lawful, i told him to speak to my attorney about those offers, lastly they came with an offer for me to pay R9000.00 and get my car back but i didnt like that offer as it wasnt mentioned anything about the time period the vehicle being with them for the past almost 5 months, and the attorney told me it clear that i need litigation of which he dont deal with litigations

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