I would recommend that anyone considering working with BBM Global Network think about it carefully. My experience with BBM Global Network was less than stellar. I had a 36-month contract with them and at the halfway point of my contract I sent Eddie Dunn, Chief Strategy Officer, a certified letter and follow up email notifying BBM of breach of contract for several issues, including:

• Not taking the steps to build and manage the audience for the talk show program
• Only issuing one announcement to promote the show (even through the contract mentioned multiple announcements)
• Not providing feedback about the listenership of the show in spite of Eddie Dunn’s assurance that I would receive weekly reports
• Not providing accounting of the secured sponsorship that I was eligible for, even though Eddie Dunn indicated to me that there were some monies due to me.

Prior to sending the email and certified letter, I had called and left dozens of voice messages and sent an equal number of emails but received no response from BBM. After sending the letter, I had to call again because BBM had made a major error in the production of my show. I actually reached Eddie Dunn and he assured me multiple times that he would get me the information and take the actions that were promised in the contract. He did not deliver.

Eventually I took BBM to court for breach of contract, and the case was awarded in my favor based upon substantial justice. I was unable to leverage and maximize the marketing aspect of my show because Eddie Dunn and BBM did not live up to their part of the contract. To date, BBM has not paid the amount that the judge awarded me.

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