I wrote an online review about a bad product I received as a gift from BB&B. I did not criticize the company itself – just the manufacturer. Still they offered to send me a $20 gift card. Sounds good, right? Well I sent them my address and it never came.
After a few months I followed up. They claimed they sent it and "it was returned" because I wasn't there to sign for it. Funny – when this happens there is a slip (or three) tacked up on the door or mailbox… There was none. I confirmed my address and they "re-sent" it. Again, nothing for about a month… I contacted them again. They gave me a new story about my having a "forwarding address" – which I do not (I confirmed with USPS this was not the case).
OK – LITERALLY at least 12 times they have claimed to send me this but have not. Considering that I have not received ONE "missed you" slip from any of the people they supposedly sent this with (USPS, FedEx, etc.) I have come to the conclusion that they never sent it, but continue to claim they will simply to be annoying. Such deliberate abuse is nothing short of harassment in my opinion.

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