My husband and I have a Tassimo. We can only buy the coffee he likes at BBB or online. Online takes a bit to ship so I would like to just go into the store and buy it. I buy coffee once a week every week. 90% of the time they are out of my husband's coffee. So last week after wasting gas to drive over there to find they are out I purchase a different brand. I asked the pleasant cashier about never having it in stock. He stated the next time ask someone that they may have it in the back. So this time I asked; which one girl got another.

When she came I stated every time "I'm in here the boxes are here but they are empty. Why?" She stated "Well it's my top seller." Really?!? I thought Keurig would be but we will go with it. So I said "Well does the truck Come weekly or when does it come in?" She said "We don't know what's coming in." I said "Ok. So you say you sell a product in store but is never here. Why should I keep wasting my gas to buy a product that you are supposed to have stocked?" She said with attitude that I can order it and then come get it. So I said "Wait so you want me to drive 20 miles one way to order it then drive another 20 miles to pick it up? Why not stock the store? You know, supply and demand?" She said "That's all I can do" then walked away.

So I called the number on the site to talk to customer service. I got a Frankie that proceeded to tell me that each individual store orders it and they have no control over the ordering. So I said "Ok. So if she says the store doesn't and he's saying they do, what am I supposed to do?" He said "I have no clue ma'am. We are just a call center for ordering." I was like "Wait, this is the number to customer service not ordering." He said "Well I can give you a corporate number to call." All I want to do is buy coffee, that's it. Is it that hard? Obviously. I went back in and asked for a roaster to which they replied "We don't have them in the store" but they can order one for me. Really?!? Seriously?!? I'm trying to give you my money. Apparently I just have to keep ordering online and wasting their money for shipping so I don't run out. I'm also contacting Tassimo about this matter because it's their product.

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