After 3 months of terribly expensive satellite TV with virtually no channels other than pay per view channels and internet speed that was dial up slow (17 KBS/second, yes KILOBYTES!!!), we cancelled this awful mess and switched to Rogers. At least Rogers provides decent service and good internet. Three months later, after properly cancelling our services and returning the modems via Purolator as instructed, we are still getting calls and invoices from Bell saying we owe them for another months service, even though we cancelled on time and followed all instructions. My wife called them yesterday, Nov. 16.2015 and got it straightened out again for the 3rd time, and today, they called me at work and again said I owe them $120.00 for a months service. This is the most incompetent company I have ever seen. They have so many different departments doing the same thing they can't keep track of what is being done. Years ago I worked for Bell Canada and Northern Telecom in Toronto and know what giant, inefficient conglomerates they are to deal with. I highly recommend everyone stay away from Bell Canada because even after you cancel them, you still have to deal with them for about 6 months, trying to get them to leave you alone and do their own accounting properly.

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