The Bell Canada system activates by mistake my old dial up internet account and bills me for that. So now I have a dial up and Fibe15 Internet service for the same address. I call on Tuesday 10th Nov 2015 at 11:08 am and speak with agent Jessica #. After she consults with agent Beniti # cancels the dial up account and credits my account the amount wrongly billed to me. Thank you.

Today, Wed 11th Nov 2015 I wake up to my email address closed. I call Bell at 10:27 am. The agent looking into this says it will take 24-48 hrs to retrieve my email address with all its contents! Rest assure I will not recommend Bell Canada to anybody I know and I will let everybody know the level of incompetence at Bell Canada in all of my social networks. One or two mistakes can be understandable if accompanied by an apology, but so many consecutive mistakes are unforgiving!

My account billing history has been a mess since Aug 2015 plagued by all kinds of billing errors, technical installation errors for my phone & internet services at my new condo, and errors of ghost accounts being reactivated and billed to me, that lead to the deactivation of my email address and inaccessibility for 24-48 hrs until Bell technicians can sort out this mess! All of these issues rectified not before I waste hours of my valuable time over the phone, between agents and wait times! If I must take a guess, since Aug 2015 up until this date, I must have placed over 30 calls and wasted about 15 hrs of my time! I am a VERY UNHAPPY, loyal customer since 2003.

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