I bought Beltone a few years ago and had the benefit of an excellent programming and considerate, helpful treatment. I was so pleased with the results. I bought a 3rd aid as a spare, since I am profoundly impaired and would be nonfunctional if one aid needed repair. I went in January 2015 to resolve a feedback issue and found they had changed staff. Sadly, the new man had almost no proficiency in programming. Ran a anti-feedback program that DESTROYED my ability to understand speech. He was unable to restore my prior settings and I am now living in a world where everyone sounds like Donald Duck gargling.

The dispenser was incompetent and impatient. I reached out to the corporate office and got absolutely no help. They were going to "look into it, " but did nothing. The location I am dealing with is Canton, NY, operated by the same people as Watertown, NY. Their lack of concern for the quality of life consequences that go along with programming is unconscionable. We need a competent programmer, not a slick, poorly prepared salesman handing out these instruments.

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