I purchased the Beltone In-the-Canal style for my mother in Jan of 2014.in September 2015 she noted that her right piece did not seem to be working. I made an appointment and met with Bob, who tested the piece and did not note any issues. Few days later my mom continued to insist that she can't hear well even when wearing the aid. I finally tested it myself and noted that it wasn't working. I took it back and was told that it needs repair and it will cost $400 as the piece is no longer under the 1 year warranty. Two weeks later the piece was mailed to my home ensuring me that it was fixed. Before I mailed it out to my mom I decided to test it myself, just to be sure, and I noted that it was still not working.

I try to be understanding that mistakes happen. However, from the very beginning every interaction with Beltone specialists has been a dissatisfying experience that led to no resolution of any of the problems we had. Beside paying $400 for the repair and not getting the piece fixed, I was never told what the problem was and if it was a defect with the piece from the very beginning. Last week, my mom told me that her other piece stopped working as well. This is only 1.5 years after purchasing an aid that is suppose to last a lifetime. I can't express enough how disappointing it has been to see Beltone take advantage of people who are just looking to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them. I should have done more research before going with Beltone. I recommend that you explore other options and do not settle for product that doesn't work and customer service that is not there to help you.

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