I know this review may mean nothing to the store, but I am 1000% sure it will detour customers away from there. I ordered a laptop online and during that process, it asked if I was going to have another person pick the computer up. I placed the name down of my employee picking up the purchase and when he arrived at this location, he was almost checking out. But….a manager named Jim stopped the lady from checking him out and told him that he couldn't take the item, despite his name on the paper. I immediately was inflamed and when my employee called me on the phone, I spoke to this manager Jim and he told me that it was too bad and he couldn't do anything about it. When I mentioned that the person that was picking it up was on the form, he replied that wasn't policy and to get my computer somewhere else. The entire time this conversation was going on, my employee heard it all. I cancelled the order and re-ordered it at the Wesley Chapel store and had zero issues. When I picked up the computer and told everyone about my experience at the Dale Mabry store, they all agreed they have heard about all the problems with customer service at that store. One commented that she worked with Jim and he was a jerk and didn't respect customers. How is that for good information. Stay very very very far away from this store. I am posting this all over Facebook and every Social outlet I can. I promise!!!!

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