I am very dissapointed with Best Buy Geek Squad in Dubuque, IA I was told since I chose not to purchase their extended repair services, I wouldn't have problems with getting my product fixed (which is under manufactor warrenty) The Samsung Rep wasn't interested in my problem with my Samsung TV since he only took care of phones and tablets. Passed on to another MN and he said to bring the component in to the store and they would look at it and send it in for repair. When I got to the store, another MN said no I was told wrong information and I had to work with Samsung & again told that since I chose not to purchase there extended warrenty I was on my own. (And told me, if I chose to take that route of extended warrenty I wouldn't be in this situation) then when I said, I don't want to here about the extended warrenty again, I already know that I did not chose that option but my product was purchased here with a one year manufactur warrenty. Then he proceeded to say, there is that passive aggresive behavior. Someone needs to explain to him the definition of passive aggresive behavior. I will never walk in to Best Buy again. Very unprofessional employees.

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