I came to rest and restore and be closer to apptments Sleep has been impossible. It's finally getting somewhat at 3 AM in the morning. The front desk is done whatever he can. Construction workers are on the second and third floor and use the door down the hall from my room to go out and smoke it isn't working for me and paying to NOT SLEEP is insane. I am in pain and displeased with situation. I had a good experience in Shelbyville so I thought I'd try Louisville. Ithere's a roof over my head other than that this sucks! I have cancelled tomorrow night reservation God bless me that I do not —however and if I fall asleep driving I want it on record your hotel contributed. I came exhausted and I did NOT DESERVE THIS COMEDY IF ERRORS.: (
I'll settle for the owner or you comping the room or giving me three nights free elsewhere
Now I'm going to attempt to sleep. On goodness… There is the door again.

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