I recently sent you a message about you all charging my credit card for monthly billing for your games. I never agreed to that when i puchased your game. Don't remember ever being asked to do that. I only wanted your game for 1 month. I just went to one of your sites that gives the users agreement. Now right at the top you have it that you will continue to charge a card untill we cancel. Well i have your users agreement on paper and the part at the top that you say you tell people is not there. I have been paying you for 6 months that i did not know since my billing went to a different ad i did not see it. I just went to your site to look at making another Payment method. Nothing on there right up untill you hit done on another card. No way i would ever give you a card # anymore and i will be warning people about you. Also i will be contacting the BBB in your area. My email Ad is. My name on my old card was Donald R. Sams. Thank God it ran out. No way would i ever pay you 3 times a month for your games.

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