On a Sunday out with my family i went to your store in gastonia North Carolina on Franklin Blvd to look for item at a good price to furnish my new home was singled out by your front cashier manager she over called out for a security scan then she went around to other employees and was heard giving our description and telling them to follow us around now I work retail to and if I had bad feelings about a customer I would to but I was taught to ask them for help but I'm sure all employees are trained to watch and ask can I help I got none of that just made very uncomfortable and as I still tried it was just to much to be I was going to check out and then the front manager walks up behind me get on the phone and over the hole store while giving me a shity look says security scan done turns her face up at me and walked off form me I right then called for her to tell me why she felt she was in the right for treating my family in this was and like a coward she keep walking off like I didn't matter and so my money doesn't either but I will tell everyone that your store is racist I guess since I'm black and not wanted in your store my money is too.

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