Dear Bit Defender Support,

We have been a bitdefender user for a couple of years now. If you can check on my purchase history. I've been buying bitdefender products and manages the keys with mybitdefender portal.

Lately as we buy and add licenses we are redirected with Central Bitdefender instead. Some of Our subscription is already due. And we need additional licenses. So I decided to buy more.

What pissed me of. Is there is no key anymore, which we can not manage to which computer gets installed as easily as before.

Upon payment of two license purchases. It was added on top of each other. It should be installed on different computers not to be added to extend the licenses.

We can not use the said liceses which impacted our operations. And upon order to do our request. You had the nerve to deduct 90 days on our licenses. Which we should have been using already.

What kind of customer support is this! We have been wasting payment on licenses which we cant use and u had the gall to deduct days for us to be able to process our complaint. To use those licenses on our other computers.

All the needed data is on our account. You should have easily done the processing.

This is pure Bullsh*t from Bitdefender!

Please escalate this matter. Your customer support is very slow!

We have been complaining for weeks already!

We never encountered this problem with Kaspersky and Mybitdefender before.

You should make available our multiple purchases with the corresponding number of computers. Each purchase entitles. Now!

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