October 2015 – I ordered a pair of men's elastic waist jeans Item #52334 for an elderly relative. When they arrived, they were so big they could have fit an elephant. I paid $24.99 for the pant, $1.70 tax and $8.99 shipping for a total of $35.68 for the jeans. I returned them at my cost. Blair confirmed my return and advised they would credit my credit card. My credit card statement came with the Blair credit of $16.25. I called to ask why the $16.25 credit instead of the $24.99 cost of the jeans minus shipping and tax. Blair representative informed me that they charge a $9.99 re-stocking fee!!! So in total, the jeans I ordered for $24.99 ACTUALLY COST ME $45.67 of which Blair collected… $20.68 of free money. Beware of blair.

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