BB spends more $ on advertising than on food trials & research. Now, they have come up with a "Vet food line". So scary. But let me talk about their regular food in general. People must keep in mind, just because these ingredients seem more wholesome with fruits, berries, veggies, etc., it doesn't mean it is suitable for canines & felines. For example cranberry & other berries in dog food? Sounds yummy! But feed it to a white colored dog or dog with light colored fur… They will have red ugly tear stains, red staining all over their mouth from wherever saliva touches, AND red staining on butt from pooping out this food! BB needs to do a lot more food trials to justify this sort of high advertisement.
Cat food ingredients, wholesome but not balanced! Veggie content too high, protein low. This is what is causing countless cats to have crystals, urine issues, UTI. The #1 issue we keep seeing with clients bringing in their cats are Crystal issues, blocked cat, etc. There is that saying "You get what you pay for". But in this case, BB food is actually way overpriced for their crap. They are costing (in some cases) a lot more than Prescription Diets.

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