I started feeding my Chihuahua puppy Blue Buffalo. Within a week or so he began having really bad bloody diarrhea, appeared to be in pain, and had vomited once. We immediately took him to the vet. They x-rayed him and found no blockages. He appeared to be very healthy with the exception of the bloody diarrhea. They told us to feed him bland canned dog food, gave him some probiotics, and some antibiotics. He seemed better within a couple days and after he was done with his meds we put him back on Blue Buffalo.

Within a couple days he had another bout of bloody diarrhea. I went online and started to research what could be wrong with him. The vet bill came to $500 and we really couldn't afford to take him back in for them just to tell us the same thing. I began seeing posts about Blue Buffalo. People were describing the same exact thing that happened to my dog. I immediately stopped the dog food. Again within 2 days he was back to his normal self. We switched dog foods and since then he has had zero issues. I'm 100% positive it was the Blue Buffalo dog food.

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