My puppy was fine and healthy. Then I fed him Blue Buffalo puppy food thinking it would be good for him. At first he didn't want to eat it but he did eventually. By the time he ate his third meal of it, about half a can in total, he started acting funny. No more than 15 minutes after eating third food he had a seizure. Which has never happened before. We rushed him to the vet and they stabilized him. And that wasn't a cheap trip either. Since then I have read all the reviews on the food and saw how many people had issues with it. So I took him off it and had to put him on a chicken and rice diet to nurse him back. Since he had been off the Blue Buffalo he has been perfectly fine. Although he was extremely scared to eat at first. So the next time my pup puts his nose up to food I'm gonna take that as a warning he smells something bad or toxic. Please don't risk giving your pup this food. It isn't worth it.

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