Florida blue users beware. If you do not set up your account correctly in the beginning they will cancel you. I set up my minor childs account by phone. Was great service and processed my payment right then. Subsequently they cancelled my minor sons insurance without notifying me. You see a minor childs account cannot be reviewed by you online. All e-statements were just email notifications to check you statement online. Here is the catch 22, because the statement holder is a minor it cannot be viewed online. Furthermore because the payments were supposed to be set up for autobilling to my bank I did not suspect florida blue did not do this as the first payment went through. So 45 days after cancelling my sons insurance I received a letter via post mail notifying me that my sons' insurance was canelled and his doctor visits during the preceeding 45 days would not be paid by them. Buyers beware. The agents and supervisors pretend to be powerless but listen to you complain stating a mysterious headoffice makes all decisions who cannot be reached by the consumer by phone or email. I mean even the FBI & CIA can be reached by phone. Ridiculous client service or lack thereof. I'll be cancelling my wife's insurance and mine as well and moving to a more understanding insurance broker as no-one there will even call back. Thats right, they promise to call you back within 72 hours but dont. Then they tell you they will call you within 5 days, but don't. Very unethical in my opinion.

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