So im new to Florida from Ohio but knew the Blue Cross Blue Shield name so signed up. To my surprise apparently Blue Cross does not take payment over the phone via Debt card. They will if I give them my checking account info. Or I can go to a CVS and pay. Lol. Is Blue Cross in this century even, it is not the year 2000. I haven't used checks in years and I won't be going every month to CVS to pay a bill. OMG accept debt payments over the phone. Charge the $2 extra but join 2015. I Had no plans to change providers but now I certainly do. Wake up stop living in the past and join the rest of the world. You are to big of a company to not accept all forms of payment. Plus attempts to speak to a operator is crazy as your system won't reconcile 0 or live person or operator. It just kicks you out and hangs up. What horrible service and abilities.

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