I purchased a Blue World pool 1 1/2 years ago. It has been a nightmare every since. First the finance department was horrible. I got several employees that did not know what they were doing and the information I got from them was incorrect. I wanted the less expensive pool and was sucked into buying the more expensive pool. Oh the sales pitch was so full of bull now that I look back on it. The pool was suppose to cost 6,000.00 but with everything else it is now costing well into the 20,000 dollar range.

It took over 2 months for them to get the pool installed which again the sales person said that it would be just a couple (2) weeks. So now the pool is installed and what a crappy job it was. The bottom is so unleveled. I called the installer to come back and fix the bottom. However they did not want to come out that year so I had to wait until the next summer to have them come out and see about it.

And just as I figured no they did not repair the bottom. I have a case with the BBB because of the horrible customer service, installation, and finance with Blue World Pools. If I would have done my research I could have found a better quality pool for less than what I paid and had it installed the proper way it is suppose to. I will not ever recommend this pool to my worse enemies little on my friends or family.

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