They pressured me into buying a 3-day-2-night stay at a hotel because they were offering a good-sounding rate. After I booked, they told me on my first stay I have to attend a sales seminar. Then they said for another $100 I could get a second trip without the seminar requirement. So I did this, I put down almost $300 for this, and they told me I have up to a year to book the trip. I felt weird having bought something from a cold call but thought I'd book a vacation and be happy I got the great rate.

A good time never came up and nine months later I e-mailed to cancel and get a refund. They e-mailed back and told me I have to call. I called and they said I only had the first 30 days to get a refund. Well that was not told to me ever — they say it was in the papers they sent me, but it wasn't mentioned on the sales call. I don't understand how they can keep my money when I haven't received any good or service from them. The money was for a theoretical future hotel stay which I called to tell them I won't be taking. Awful.

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