At Maranello dealership, salesperson told me that certified BMW that I picked have not had any accident or incidents. When I signed a paper for agreement of purchase, he came back with handwriting on the paper that car was in an incident and have prior repair report. I think I should have left Maranello showroom at that time. However, he told me that they will fix all scratches and damages on car body. After picking up the car from Maranello the next week, I noticed they have not fixed any of body damages of the car. I have contacted salesperson, his manager and delivery person at Maranello and have not got any result.
It is like to pay for a certified BMW at Maranello and get a car as-is. I do not recommend anyone shopping form this Maranello dealer. You might as well purchase an as-is BMW from any GTA dealer with much lower price and better service than Maranello.

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