Gve the BMW last tue that is 10th nov they made an appointment without informing that they are going to be shut for diwali. They were closed for 5 days and when i spoke to the engineer he said he will give us an update on monday by noon, there was an issue with the door lock which i was informed and said that they are doing some programming work on it and will update me at 2.30 from 2.30 till evenig i ahve been chasing them for the car status but they gave a stupid excuse by saying systems are down, and told me tehy will call me on tue morning at 10 the person i was following up with was in leave on tue and i was given his managers numb and he had no clue on tue i gave a call at 9.45 am and was informed i will get a call back in sometime until 10.45 i dint receive a call and was again was told there is system issue. I wanted the car back so called for it i was informed i will get the bill and estimation quotation along with the driver which the driver dint get. Again on wed morning i called to chase them up and i again got a stupid answer of system down. BMW you guys provide worst service then any other car, i guess even the TATA nano provides better customer service an dwuick service. I guess you guys should buck up with your service and learn from TOYOTA as they provide instant service of max 4 hrs. I have a worst experinece with BMW turbey (vashi) new mumbai india branch. Very poor servcie from BMW. Worst system issue ever for everything. No resolution just system issue excuse.

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