i HAVE PURCHASED A bmw 220D from Randburg BMW (Club Motors) 1n 2014 – 3 months later my air con did not work – sent it in for a week and half came back working – told that a unit had to be replaced therefor so long sourced from overseas – 2 moths or longer the air con packed again sent it back filled gas and sent the car back. Now the air con failed again – booking it in today. I dont belive the guys understand what it takes to keep taking the car in for an issue like this. There is no root course analysis being down to identify what is the real proble, or they are aware of the problem but failed to repair. I did speak to the customer lioson regarding this issue and nothing came off it. I have 2 BMW knowing that the qulaity of these cars are solid and therefore will not settle for anything else. Plaese trat this matter seriously because i am now frusterated with this service.


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