Not quiet sure if this rate all BMW DEALERS but am currently in Costa Rica and the capital has only one authorized dealer available I had been driving BMW for over a decade always happy with the expensive but Excellent service that was until I got here to Costa Rica due to a work assignment purchased a Mini Cooper that wasn't exactly what I had as my last 535 but still trusting the brand the fist and probably last time am taking the car for a general inspection the car was at the dealer for one week before reviving any news from the service advisor Fabio matamoros. Sent couple emails about the status of the car never even bother to answer call him numerous times until finally one week after I hear from the guy wanting to change many things on the car, no problem I explained to him I would like start with the mayor priorities and leave the others for my second visit, takes one more week to get back to me mind time am paying a rental out of my packet finally nearly 3 weeks after I hear from the hoy to go and puck up the car although some of the services approve not done due to unavailable stock parts but notified on the day of notification of completion of services. Arrived one day after to pick up the car the proses of billing toke an hour and 30 minutes. When the keys are handed, I noticed that my old car key with I huge whole showing all the circuits inside, I asked Fabio what happens to the key and he replies that's the way the key was given, that was the moment I realized the mistake that I did trusting my car to people that ruin something that yes it was not perfect but they toke the liberty to make it worse I asked to speak with a manager to explained the problem and what I got was a manager accusing me trying to take advantage after paying 1500 hundred dollars for a partial service and other inspections but no actions taken. I asked the manager that my goal was to get my car fix rather than Make it worse the experience was unsatisfactory and looking to get a phone call to give more details if neede

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