After waiting almost 2 months for my couch to arrive, finally gets here and it's wrong. 4 out of the 6 pieces are right and the 2 main pieces the chase lounge and the recliner are wrong orders. They should be reverse and they said, "Don't worry, this is a easy fix, 1-2 weeks and we will deliver the new ones." I say ok. Call customer service. On hold forever. They suck. The lady on the phone very nice says, "Don't worry, maybe the other store with have and you can pick it up, " only to find out you're on hold again and they are only showrooms with no inventory.

Ok call customer service again and waited a very long time again for them to help me with, "Sorry we can't do anything for you, it will be another month to a month and a half, " and I have to start paying for the furniture now. Really… I told them they can come by and pick it back up. So much for "if you're not happy BOB's with fix it right.." Never ever again.

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