I ordered several furniture pieces in early October. They were scheduled for delivery Oct 20th. The faux fireplace I ordered came damaged. I called and requested a new piece. It was scheduled for delivery the 29th but there was an error on their part so they rescheduled for Nov. 4 but there was another error on their part then it was not in stock. I rescheduled for the 7th which that date was canceled because it again was not in stock. It was rescheduled for the 10th without anyone confirming with me. I called on the 4th over 10 times and finally after 3 attempts got a supervisor on the phone which she said she would have it here on the 6th. The 6th came and again no fireplace.

Oh I forgot to mention on the 4th again with no communication they came and took the damaged piece. So on the 10th of November I called again. They said I had received the piece on the 6th which I didn't, so they would send a replacement delivery which the supervisor took no accountability nor was he apologetic – stated the piece again is out of stock and would not be available until Dec. 5th. I can't believe a company is allowed to take your money and not deliver on the goods you purchased. I would not recommend this company and I am working on reporting them the BBB. I'm so disappointed.

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