So I went to the store to buy a new recliner. The sales rep sold me the McKenna, I am very dissatisfied with this. She sold me on goof proof, told me that it covers EVERYTHING, and then told me that I could have the delivery date that I wanted. I thought sweet see you then. She was all over it, told me that it was all set and that I would totally get it. No worries I don't have to do a thing but wait for them to call and give me a four hour window.

THEY NEVER CAME! So I called customer care. This guy was awesome, he apologized more than I could have asked for, told me that the store can only submit REQUESTS and that it was a request and no a guarantee. Hence the fact that it is a request. He then did everything he could and got me added for that Tuesday, all and all, the salespeople are just trying to get the sale and get the commission, and nothing else, they don't care about you, now customer care on the other hand, be nice if you need to call them because eventually you will and they are only following the policies they are allowed too. When I called after my delivery was completed they gave me my delivery fee back on my gift card, which I probably won't use. Aside from that, I don't think I will be purchasing from Bob's ever again.

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