On Sunday, November 15,2015 at approximately 2:45pm, shortly after placing my order, I went into the restroom to refresh. Prior to exiting the restroom, I notice an employee using the restroom. While drying my hands, the employee exited the restroom without washing his hand. Immediately I followed him to see if he would exit the restaurant but instead he returned to the kitchen area. Immediately I notified the manager name Rowland. After discussing the matter, I was disturb from the response from the manager. He stated, "Well since he actually not working in the kitchen area then this is acceptable". Then I explained to the manager, "Sir even if that's case, all employee are to wash their hands regardless, even if they are not working in the kitchen; and besides, you have a sign posted in the restroom prior to exiting, ("All employees are to wash their hands prior to returning to work"). After explaining and exhausting my point of view of the situation, the manager finally apologize and stated that they would handle the matter. The manager final statement was, "if the owner was here and saw that, he probably would have fired him on the spot". After this comment, I became even more disturbed because I shouldn't have had to exhaust myself to get a manager to understand how wrong his point of view even allowing an employee to come behind a counter even if he is working in the lobby. Further notice: I contacted The DeKalb County Environmental Food and Health Service to report the matter Wednesday November 18,2015. There is an inspector that is assigned to the case.

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