A trip was organised for 11 people. The first stop was at Farmstay La Morella, Battipaglia, Italy and booked through Booking.com. The booking was made and confirmed on 20 April for a stay commencing on 9 September, five months in advance for five double rooms and one single room. On 8 September, one day before departure, we were advised that the booking would not be honoured and giving an alternative which, due to the size of the party and the imminent departure, was accepted. On arrival we found that the alternative accommodation, Tavernola, was significantly inferior to Farmstay. However the rates given to us per room for 3 nights were Farmstay EUR 225 and Tavernola EUR 207.

On the day of departure from UK we checked Booking.com website and found that rooms were still available at both locations with the cost of double rooms quoted as £187 for Farmstay and £121 for Tavernola. This gave a price comparison which when converted meant the party had been overcharged by EUR 380.

We have had dialogue with Booking.com who initially indicated this was not their responsibility and was due to Farmstay. However, they grudgingly have offered, as a goodwill gesture, EUR 100 for 11 people. It is totally unacceptable that a booking, for 11 people, can be cancelled one day prior to departure, inferior accommodation offered for virtually the same price and Booking.com claiming no responsibility. Obviously we will not be booking with Farmstay and Booking.com again.

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