I booked a room with a specific price and I got the confirmation E-mail and I traveled to the place… After arriving I opened the E-mail and I found that they sent me an E-mail says that there is a mistake in my reservation happened and the price wasn't true when I booked. But that wasn't my problem and I came all the way from another city planning to stay at that hotel. After some time I got an E-mail at 6:04PM telling me that my credit card is not working and I have to submit another one before 6:00PM or they will cancel my booking. And I got an E-mail also at 6:04PM says that my booking is canceled…

Anyway… My credit card was working and their E-mail was sent after 6:00PM so there was no chance… So they used that method of lying just to cancel my booking. I called them and I spent 30 minutes on phone with impolite lady her name is Denise but nothing happened. I spent that night sleeping in the car since my budget did not let me to book in another place. Thank you Booking.com

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