This was a holiday 6 of us dreamed of for a couple of months. Until that point, I'd never through, and I didn't think a dream could turn so easily into a nightmare. representatives have wasted my time, my money and threw my trust down the stairs. I booked a 3 room apartment in a hotel in France, all happy, only to discover a bit later that the apartment is in fact not really a 3 room apartment, but instead a 2 bedroom 1 living room apartment. I called to inform them. The first response was to jump at the opportunity to make profit and charge me for cancelling, but after a brief explanation of what happened, the lady I spoke to took a look at the description and acknowledged that its information was misleading. She suggested she'd contact the hotel and "see what could be done" and call me back.

Initially the hotel was not ready to do anything, and the lady promised to resolve the situation and call me back. 24 hours passed and she never called back. I found myself calling back to explain the story again. Another customer representative acknowledged the mistake and promised to contact the hotel, to see what "can be done". He contacted the hotel and came back stating that if an actual 3 bedroom apartment becomes available, the hotel would "assist", but again, what kind of assistance, was never discussed. When I asked for more accurate information, the representative acknowledged again that the information was misleading and promised to "fix" the situation, and call me the next morning. Once again, 24 hours passed, and the call never arrived. At that point, even the small amount of alternatives I had left were running out.

I called back again to speak this time to a manager. I found myself almost in tears explaining what was going on, and the manager, and I quote, promised "we will fix this situation"."We won't leave you in the dark." he stated. I also explained to him that up until that point, no one had contacted back as promised, and he promised again, to call me back at least to inform me that he is still working on the case. Guess what. He never called back. I called yet again to ask for him specifically, but I was refused, and indirectly accused of lying. I then contacted their PR department and received an apologetic letter with a promised to investigate and resolve the matter.

Another representative called me (finally) after a couple of hours. He made no effort to sympathize with the situation, and even when asked "how would you feel in a situation like this" he answered "I don't want to get personal here, this is none of your business".indeed, an example of great customer service. Mr. Representative initially attempted to avoid any responsibility, and later on "convinced" to find me an alternative solution: a hotel located 4 miles away from the ski resort, meaning we would have to find transportation every time we want to go skiing. When I disagreed, the solution discussed was to get an additional room in the hotel that would make up for the missing space. It took hard work to explain the damage that had already been done, and Mr. Representative promised yet again to look into it and call me back the next day at least to update me.

Guess what? 6:00 pm and no sign of a call. When I called again to chase them up, I was told to wait because there was still a chance for him to call. I apologized and asked the representative NOT to message him, giving him the opportunity to show me he would actually call without a reminder. It took 30 seconds and Mr. Representative called me, angry because I called to chase him up. I found myself defending myself, where in fact, he gets to sit in the office while I am going to collapse under the stress they created. Mr. Representative denied the details of our previous conversation, and claimed that he was "just about to call me". We went through the details of the problem again, while he made an effort to avoid the important details, stating that "" isn't responsible for this, it's the hotel. It's not them, it's everybody else.

Eventually after a long conversation, he promised, much like any of his friends, go ask for permission to book the additional room, and let me know. Today, another manager calls me and asked "You asked to call me, what is the problem?" Great. Do I have to explain it again? And of course I did. The manager denied any of what his previous colleague said, and pretty much threw me to the dogs, without options. No room, no additional room, barely an additional bed, not before implying, I, and not them, was the one lying. "My friends never make mistakes" he stated, even though his friends sit in a different continent. Thanks for turning a dream holiday into a nightmare. Will I use you again? I think you know the answer.

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