Using the iphone app, I was searching for a night accommodation in San Francisco. I found a hotel, inputted my credit card info and closed the app in step 2 of 3 of booking the room since we were driving and wanted to see the property beforehand. Passed by it and we decided to book elsewhere. I backed from step 2 back to searching for hotels and booked a different property through the same app. The next morning, upon checking my e-mails I had a no show e-mail from the property I did not book. I also noticed a confirmation email prior to that. I called immediately and was placed on hold while they called the hotel. They claimed the hotel's system was down and they needed to send an inquiry to them via email and they would get back to me with their response as my credit card had a pending charge of the night stay.

I called again the next day to inquire and again was placed on hold and was told the hotel was investigating. Called again today to follow up as the $113.91 unauthorized charge was posted to my America Express card and after the same process was told the hotel would not refund as a confirmation email was sent. Once again I explained the reservation was never booked and provided my credit card without authorization. I was told nothing could be done. I had to contact my credit card to report fraud and dispute the transaction. Will know in 60 to 90 days if a refund will be done to my account. Will not use app ever again.

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