I recently switched to Boost Mobile a few months back, and aside from the Alcatel phone I got being fairly terrible it didn't seem too bad. Just a little tricky to set up. I went to Re-Boost today with a $40 card (I usually used the $35 cards but they no longer carry those at the store here) and got that all taken care of, only for their site (and their automated support) to tell me that because the card was $5 OVER my normal monthly amount. I had to pay for two months in order to activate my service (it was also saying my account was overdue even though my service only JUST ended).

It took forever going through a lot of menus and headache to get through to a real person on their customer service line, and when I finally did I was told that because I had paid $5 over I would have to upgrade to a new phone (which means more money; there’s no way they're giving me that for free) OR pay for two months to keep my service. This sounds like a huge scam to me. How does paying $5 MORE than I owed mean I owe them MORE money? How can they keep my service off if I paid MORE than what was due?

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